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      Liquid crystal light control film is a new type of electronic light control product. It is also called electronic control light regulating film. It is the core material for making dimmable glass. It combines liquid crystal and polymer material in two flexible ITO transparent conductive films. The liquid crystal film is liquid crystal / polymer composite material injected in the middle of the two pieces of transparent conductive film, in the absence of electric field under the condition of liquid crystal film in the opaque state; when the alternating current is led into the liquid crystal molecules, to achieve an orderly arrangement, then the electric lightadjusting film will never transparent state (OFF state) into a transparent state (ON state). Through the action of electric field, it can realize fast conversion from open to off state, off state to open state.

Characteristics of dimmer film

      When the power is off, the liquid crystal scatters incident light and is in an opaque state. When the power is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged orderly in the direction of the electric field, and the liquid crystal passes the incident light in a transparent state. It can be pasted on transparent material such as glass, acrylic and so on.

Product parameter

      Technical index:

      1) in the power off condition (off state) assumes the white color, when the power is on (open) is colorless transparent
      2) the transmittance of open state is not less than 75%, and the transmittance in the off state is not greater than 2%
      3) angle of view is not less than 140 degrees
      4) the operating voltage is 18-75V (AC, 50/60, Hz)
      5) response time: off state (OFF state) - Open (ON state) is less than 5ms, open (ON state) - off state (OFF state) is less than 50ms
      6) power consumption: 5W/m2
      7) size: standard size is 2600mm*900mm, other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements
      8) the working temperature is -20 DEG C, -60 DEG C;
      9) service life is more than 50000 hours

      Liquid crystal dimming film, along with other color series, pink, yellow, green, blue, gray, black

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