——————————— Partition ———————————

Refers to the special partition separating the interior space is not the top half facade in the renovation process now in many physical partition but by the furniture such as, along with the widespread use of sliding doors market, high compartment door hanging rail profiles, profiles, folding door profiles, sealing door profiles, shower room profiles, as well as a variety of furniture and cabinet material, hardware fittings and so on are widely used in the market, such as the traditional screen, display rack, cabinet, such a partition can be to break the pattern, the distinction between different types of space, communicate with each other and can make the living environment full of changes, realize the space between, provide integration of art and taste more the space for the bedroom.

 Applicable occasions

Mainly used in office buildings, offices, airports, schools, banks, convention and exhibition centers, government agencies, securities, car showrooms, libraries and so on. Also applies to hotels, shopping malls, schools, multi-function hall, banquet hall, conference room, training room and other places.

 Function and characteristics

①1000 degrees Celsius, ultra high temperature fire, higher than the national fire standards.   ②Green environmental protection products.   ③No pollution, no peculiar smell.   ④Good sound insulation effect.   ⑤Color diversification, flexible adjustment, combination, suitable for the required work space.

Separation, separation and constantly. This witty remark illustrates the features of the partition very vividly. Cut off both play the role of the division of space in the area, but it's not the whole wall that will be completely separated from the room, but separated in connection with continuous breaking, the combination of the features of the partition in the office decoration has become a great room for creative projects, and become the enterprise architecture designers show a focus of personality and talent.

 Partition classification

1、 according to materials: steel partition, glass partition, aluminum alloy partition, wooden screen
2、 according to use: office partition, bathroom partition, living room partition, window partition
3、 according to the shape: high cut, middle partition
4、 according to nature: fixed partition, moving partition

A variety of line function meet the design requirements, Aluminum Alloy material is very important, MORGEN only choose the excellent quality, the use of the process, can be exchanged at any time windows and doors, solid blocks, the location of the glass partition, re mix re-use, can greatly reduce the costs of moving office often. The best use of the partition of the space is perfect distinguish, reasonable use area, like between separated and non separated, is the highest level of well-proportioned.
Partition door frame can be used all 6063 GB aluminum extrusion profiles. Material quality, oxide film thickness and surface treatment quality all meet the GB/T5237-2000 standard. It can also be done in a frameless way. It is directly connected with toughened glass door hinge or fixed piece.

 About maintenance, how to maintain?

The surface stains with soft cloth to wipe, the hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, do not use water in direct contact with the wood door.
Second corners can not have too much friction, friction, edge because it is easy to wear, can make the paint off.
Third, solid wood door has a characteristic, if the temperature and humidity of the environment if the difference is large, there may be slight cracks at the seams, don't panic, with the change of season this phenomenon will disappear.

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