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Business applications

Example 1: projection curtain action. Here, the dimming glass has another commercial name, called the "smart glass projection screen", which means that in the transparent state you can display the background decoration picture, or act as the glass wall of the conference room. In the opaque state, the imaging screen can be substituted and the picture is clearer. As a result, breaking the traditional cement metope function monopoly situation, and achieve multiple functions.

Example 2: office area, conference room, monitoring room partition. Even the huge office area, is the number of walls or frosted glass partition will become narrow oppressed, all using transparent glass design and the lack of commercial confidentiality, then you really need a transparent glass material can be adjusted with spectrophotometry to solve problems, control rooms, conference rooms, business office area, can be adjusted according to for all optical transparent state, when needed, as long as gently press the remote control, you can make the whole region from around the eyes completely blurred.


Residential applications
Example 1: external settings. The balcony windows and add light glass, make a revolutionary improvement in poor privacy can be seen on the linliren building. Under normal circumstances, adjust to the transparent state, keep bright lighting; at random, in order to maintain a sense of security, can be adjusted to the opaque state, but still have the sun can be intimate, kill two birds with one stone.

Example 2: indoor space partition. The use of dimming glass to separate rooms, improve space layout, increase brightness, adjust degrees of freedom, and ensure the privacy of different regions, will have unexpected results.

Example 3: as a small home theater curtain, the curtain screen is effectively combined. (the principle is the same as that of commercial projection screens)

Example 4: in the premise of selecting safety voltage, the dimming glass as a bathroom, toilet partition, not only the layout of the light, and can protect the good privacy.


Medical institutions application
The utility model can replace the curtain, plays the function of separation and privacy protection, is solid, safe, soundproof and eliminating impurities, has the advantages of environmental protection, cleanness and pollution, and eliminates worries and psychological pressure for medical workers and patients.

Museums, pavilions, shopping malls, banks, anti-theft applications
Recommended for use in shopping malls, banks, jewelry shops and museums, exhibition showcase, counter and showcase bullet proof glass glass, transparent state normal business application, once encountered unexpected situations, you can use the remote control, and instantly reach the fuzzy state, so that criminals lose the goal, to the greatest extent possible to ensure personal and property safety.

In short, the application of dimming glass is very extensive, covering administrative office, public service, business entertainment, home life, advertising, media, exhibition, video, public security and many other fields.


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